Spring 2020 FAQ's


The Co-op Store COVID-19 Notice

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COVID-19 Notice

Question: Rental Returns?

     Answer: Textbook rentals originally due Monday, May 11, 2020 that have not been returned will NOT be assessed any additional fees (this is subject to change). Student account's have been put on hold until books are returned for those who have not returned their rentals.

Please return them back to the store to have your account reactivated.


Still on or close to campus: you may bring them to the store during our Curbside Pickup times of noon to 2pm, Monday thru Friday. Please be sure to put your name and banner number in each book, as they may be seperated during the sanitization process to be put back on the shelves. 


Not on campus: Please use the Rental Return Packing Slip link below for your label to shiop your books back to us. We realize that students will incur a cost when returning their rentals, each student will receive a $7.50 credit on their store account to offset the shipping for your return. If you are returning more than one book and you costs are rgeater to return, please email with any questions and we will work with you on a resolution.


General Rental Return Info: https://www.iupstore.com/rent


Click Here for the Rental Return Packing Slip


Question: Cash for Books (End of Semester Textbook Buyback)?

     Answer: We have a direct link available to our primary wholesale used book company.

You have the opportunity to check prices and sell them back at the following link:


If/when campus is back to face to face instruction for the Fall semester, we will have a buyback period for when students move back to campus.

Please email us with any questions   Co-op-Store@iup.edu


Commencement Cap & Gowns:

Question: When is May 2020 Commencement?

     Answer: Per the March 30th Announcement from IUP, May 2020 Commencement has been postponed.


 Question: What If I Already Placed My Pre-Order Through Balfour?

If you ordered to have it shipped to the store for pickup at the Graduation Fair - please email the store and we will provde you with options

for either curbside pick up or shipping options

If you ordered direct from Balfour to have it shipped to your home - The plant in Minnesota has been temporaily shut down due to Minnesota's stay-at-home mandate. They have a very small crew trying to fulfill many university's regalia orders. Shipping has been delayed due to this fact. We apologize for our vendor partner and any frustrations you may have, Each state has their own set of guidelines they must abide by to ensure the safety in their state. This is out of our hands at this time. Please email the store Co-op-Store@iup.edu and we will do what we can to help you, by possibly filling your order with what we may have in stock.. 

     ~If you ordered and are waiting for the rescheduled ceremony - We will hold onto your orders and you may pick it up at the store

when the world resumes business - no action is required.


 If you would like to Return your Cap & Gown, please email the store  Co-op-Store@iup.edu

We will work through the options we have for your return

Question: What If I Purchased My Cap & Gown Directly from The Co-op Store?

     Answer: Email us at Co-op-Store@iup.edu for options.


 Question: What If I'm Not Sure Where I Placed My Order?

     Answer: Email us at Co-op-Store@iup.edu and we will let you know.


Question: Can I Still Order a Cap & Gown?

     Answer: Yes, order from our store stock. We are back in stock of most sizes and will mail it right out to you. For orders The Co-op Store can ship them out to you or you may entertain our curbside pick up option, We will begin to allow for regular pickup on a date TBD when we re-open.


Question: Where Can I Get More Information About the Postponed 2020 Commencement Ceremony?

     Answer: Please contact IUP: www.iup.edu/commencement