Rental Returns

Spring 2021 Rental Return Info

*Spring 2021 Rental Returns: Monday, May 10, 2021*

(Grace Period End Date: Monday, May 24, 2021)


Please return your rental textbook(s) to The Co-op Store.  Textbook rentals are due back by Monday, May 10th.   We have decided to grant all students an additional two-week grace period to return all books because of many people living off campus or virtual. No additional fees will be charged as long as books are returned by Monday, May 24th.   All books not returned by then must be recorded as a loss for the store for this year, and the rental program could be in jeopardy without the return of your textbook(s).


Local Dropoff:  If you are local or plan to visit campus, we will have a drop box in front of the store from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday starting on May 3rd.   You can drop your books in the box, but please be sure to have your name and banner number inside each book so they can properly be returned.  The last day for the drop box will be Monday, May 31st.


Return via USPS/UPS:  If you aren’t local and need to ship your books back to us, please use the Rental Return Packing Slip for your label.  This will allow us to return the books to the correct student account.   If you cannot print the label, you may legibly hand write all the information and still send them back to us.


We realize that students will incur a cost when shipping back their rentals, so each student who ships back rentals will receive a $7.50 credit on their store account to offset the shipping costs. Feel free to email with any questions.


Rental Return Packing Slip


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