Textbook Rentals


  • The Co-op Store has a huge selection of used and new rental textbooks.
  • All Rentals are available through our Textbook Ordering page.
  • Rent and Purchase in One Transaction!
  • Rental textbooks must be returned to The Co-op Store on or before the rental return due date.  Failure to comply will result in additional fees.
  • Rental Returns by mail must include a Rental Return Packing Slip and be postmarked no later than the dated noted in the current term's rental agreement (see below).
  • New & Used Prices are subject to new/used availability. 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you attend a branch campus or are otherwise unable to travel to The Co-op Store at the end of the term, you are responsible for shipping your rental books back by the Rental Return Due Date.  A Rental Return Packing Slip must be included.



 Textbook Rental Agreements 
Spring 2018 Rental Agreement
Fall 2017 Rental Agreement