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Textbook Refund Policy:


The last day to return textbooks & course materials for Spring 2017 is Saturday, January 28th, 2017. 

Textbook refunds after the above date may be granted at the discretion of The Co-op Store if item is returned within 2 business days of purchase, in the original condition, including any wrapping.  If granted, refund will be for store credit only, and a 25% restocking fee will be applied.


Please present your receipt when requesting textbook refunds.  Refunds without a receipt will be for store credit only without exception.

Refunds by mail must be postmarked by the refund deadline and must include a Textbook Refund Packing Slip.  Books received without receipt AND Textbook Refund Packing Slip will not be refunded, and may only be returned at customer's shipping expense.

Textbooks purchased new must be returned in new condition, and wrapped packages must be returned in their original wrapping.  Because they cannot be resold, refunds are not granted for opened or redeemed access codes or ebooks.

Rental fees may be refunded only within the same guidelines as stated above.