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The Co-op Store is your one stop shop for all of the ebooks and access codes you need for your classes!


Our partners, RedShelf and Campus eBookstore, provide you with lots of options.  Both RedShelf and Campus eBookstore products can be purchased in The Co-op Store or through our regular Course Materials Ordering page, or you can browse their catalogs below.

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The Co-op Store's online course

materials shopping page gives you

all options in one place, including

traditional textbooks, looseleaf, 

rentals, ebooks, and access codes.

RedShelf has thousands of ebook

titles at great prices.  Their cool 

ereader lets you highlight, take 

notes, collaborate with classmates,

make flashcards, and much more!

Need an access code for one of the

publisher platforms, or just looking

for ebook options?  Check out all of

the access codes and ebooks you need

through Campus eBookstore!






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Does your access code look like this?: