Don't Break The Rope!

Don't Break The Rope!

 Erick J. Lauber, Ph.D., IUP Faculty, Journalism and Public Relations


Don't Break The Rope! A Parable About Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork in the Workplace:


Are you new to an organization and want to learn the "soft skills" needed to succeed? Are you concerned that your style doesn't fit with the teammates you've been assigned? Does your workplace drive you crazy? In "Don't Break the Rope!" psychologist and leadership trainer Dr. Erick Lauber uses the story of two frogs new to a business called GoodPondInc to explain several basic principles of organizational communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In these pages you'll discover: - How to identify your own and others workplace styles - How to respond when teammates behave in ways you consider "wrong" - Why many people become unproductive when relationships get "broken" - What experienced leaders want you to keep in mind above all else - How to manage workplace situations for greater enjoyment and success We all must navigate work relationships, but handling them well is not something we are taught in school. If you want to learn how to improve your workplace in a fun, easy to read fashion, this book is for you.

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