Verba Collect Online Textbook Adoption

IUP Faculty Textbook Orders – Verba Collect

Verba Collect is the web-based service available to instructors at IUP for placing textbook orders.  You will receive a personalized link from The Co-op Store each semester which will allow you to automatically log into your textbook ordering account. 

Please Note:  If you did not receive a link or if you ever need your link re-sent or re-set, please send an e-mail to or  Also, please note that this link is specifically yours; if you give your link to someone else, it will not work for them.

Click Here For Step-by-Step Written Instructions

Handy-dandy Instructional Video:




Feel free to e-mail or call us anytime with questions or suggestions!

Tim Sharbaugh
Store Director

Carol Guba
Assistant Supervisor