Verba Collect Online Textbook Adoption

Faculty Textbook Orders

Verba Collect is the web-based service available to instructors at IUP for placing textbook orders.  You will receive a personalized link from The Co-op Store each semester, which will allow you to automatically log into your textbook ordering account. An instructional video is shown below for assistance.


If you are an administrative assistant for an academic department, or if you are a department chairperson who has chosen to be a Reviewer, there is also an instructional video below for assistance.

Please Note:  If you did not receive a link or if you need your link re-sent, please send an e-mail to

Also, please note that this link is specifically yours; if you give your link to someone else, it will not work for them.

Click Here For Step-by-Step Written Instructions

Instructional Video for Faculty Submitters:


Instructional Video for Reviewers:

Collect Reviewer Tutorial



Feel free to e-mail or call us anytime with questions or suggestions!


Scott Maznek
Assistant Director, Textbooks

Tim Sharbaugh
Store Director