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Issues Affecting Students, Faculty, Instituations & Bookstores

Higher Education Opportunity Act
Textbook Provisions: Section 112

Publisher Requirements: Provide to potential adopters the price charged to the bookstore as well as the direct-to-student price; the copyright dates of the 3 previous editions; a description of substantial content revisions made between the current edition and the previous edition; all available formats and their pricing. Offer individually any components of bundles, including individual prices for each.


Institution Requirements: Disclose ISBN and pricing information for all required and recommended course materials in the registration system at time of student registration; disclose to any affiliated bookstore the course schedule, enrollments, and required and recommended course materials; disseminate information on rental and used course material programs, buyback programs, and any alternative content delivery programs.

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Department of Education - Program Integrity & Improvement

(2015) Course Materials Highlights:

An institution may include the costs of books and supplies as part of tuition and fees if (i): The institution (A) Has an arrangement with a book publisher or other entity that enables it to make those books or supplies available to students below competitive market rates; (B) Provides a way for students to obtain those books and supplies by the seventh day of a payment period; and (C) Has a policy under which the student may opt out of the way the institution provides for the students to obtain books and supplies. (ii) The institution documents on a current basis that the books or supplies, including digital or electronic course materials, are not available elsewhere or accessible by students enrolled in that program from sources other than those provided or authorized by the institution; or (iii) The institution demonstrates there is a compelling health or safety reason.

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