Changing Times: The Folkmen at IUP 1963-1969

Changing Times: The Folkmen at IUP 1963-1969

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Changing Times:The Folkmen at IUP 1963-1969

By: Alan W. Luckey


Proceeds support the IUP Folkmen Scholarship.

Featuring the art of Fred Danziger, member of The Folkmen in 1964 -

The decade of the Sixties was a time of great change. This is the story of that decade, as experience by The Folkmen, an award winning folksinging group at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It is a personal history of how they saw, and reacted to, the shifts in American life. On a national level, the young people of the Sixties saw the beginning of the space age and the cold war at its peak, living with the fear of a nuclear holocaust. The loved the election of the dynamic John F Kennedy to the presidency, and felt his assassination rock the country. College students lived the sexual revolution and became involved in the fight for civil rights. The Vietnam War was the pivot that changed American politics and charged youth to rebel in ways that their parents never dreamed. In the midst of these turbulent times, Indiana State College became a university and grew exponentially, and The Folkmen, performing the new and vibrant folk music of the Sixties, sang their way through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. Their story, the personal touch of this watershed decade, is a retrospective look at the fascinating Sixties.

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