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  • Leigh Heidenthal
  • IUP Alumni Author

How do we teach adoption to children?


A Brother for Benny is a story of a family that accepts a brave, young albino deer into their fold in a loving tale of diversity, acceptance, and adoption.

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A Major League Life, By Jack Benedict

A Major League Life, By Jack Benedict
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  • Autobiography of Jack Benedict - The Voice of IUP Sports
  • Jack Benedict has seen it all in his 60 years as a radio broadcaster, which planted the seed to write a book about his life in broadcasting.
  • Portion of the Proceeds will be Donated to  Indiana County Humane Society & Four Footed Friends of Indiana County
  • Book Signings at The Co-op Store:
    • Saturday, August 20:  12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
    • Saturday, October 1 (Homecoming):  10:00 am to 12:00 pm




About the Book

Burial at Home Plate offers a colorful look at the Pittsburgh Pirates, with an emphasis on offbeat moments in team history. Read about the doubleheader completed underwater; the Pittsburgh outfielders whose pursuit of a batted ball was halted by a gun-wielding Cincinnati fan; the pitcher who earned a victory while taking a nap; the dead man who tied a franchise record for games played; the sparrow that flew from beneath batter Casey Stengel's cap; and the rookie who struck out while seated on the bench.

Burial at Home Plate touches on the indoor game that was rained out; the throng of 50,000 that turned out in Pittsburgh for a game played more than 400 miles away; the tipsy pitcher who fell asleep inside the tarp during a game; the future MVPs who delivered their first major league hits while still in the minors; the FBI agent who "pinch hit" for Ralph Kiner; and the Pirates manager who disproved the notion that you can't steal first base.

Burial at Home Plate also shines the spotlight on the Green Weenie, the alabaster plaster, Aunt Minnie, the Rickey Dinks, Destiny's Darlings, Dr. Strangeglove, eephus pitches and-the inspiration for the book's title-a strange pre-game interment that took place at home plate.

About the Author

Bob Fulton has written extensively about the Pittsburgh Pirates for regional and national publications such as Sports History, Pittsburgh Magazine, The National Pastime, Pittsburgh Sports Now, Pennsylvania, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game program and On Deck, formerly the official magazine of the Pirates. His work has also appeared in American Heritage, Football Digest, The NCAA News, NFL Exclusive, Delta Sky, Marathon and Beyond, Basketball Weekly, Referee, The Elks Magazine, Collegiate Baseball and Sports Heritage, among others. Fulton is the author of The Summer Olympics: A Treasury of Legend and Lore; Never Lost a Game (Time Just Ran Out); Top Ten Baseball Stats: Interesting Rankings of Players, Managers, Umpires and Teams; and Pirates Treasures: Facts, Feats, Firsts in Pittsburgh Pirates History. In addition, his story on the major league debut of 15-year-old pitcher Joe Nuxhall was included in an anthology, The Ol' Ball Game. Fulton, a member of the Society for American Baseball Research, resides in Indiana, Pa.

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Changing Times: The Folkmen at IUP 1963-1969

Changing Times: The Folkmen at IUP 1963-1969
  • Alan W. Luckey
  • Proceeds support the IUP Folkmen Scholarship
  • Featuring the art of Fred Danziger, member of The Folkmen in 1964 - www.freddanziger.com

The decade of the Sixties was a time of great change. This is the story of that decade, as experience by The Folkmen, an award winning folksinging group at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It is a personal history of how they saw, and reacted to, the shifts in American life. On a national level, the young people of the Sixties saw the beginning of the space age and the cold war at its peak, living with the fear of a nuclear holocaust. The loved the election of the dynamic John F Kennedy to the presidency, and felt his assassination rock the country. College students lived the sexual revolution and became involved in the fight for civil rights. The Vietnam War was the pivot that changed American politics and charged youth to rebel in ways that their parents never dreamed. In the midst of these turbulent times, Indiana State College became a university and grew exponentially, and The Folkmen, performing the new and vibrant folk music of the Sixties, sang their way through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. Their story, the personal touch of this watershed decade, is a retrospective look at the fascinating Sixties.


If You Live By the Sword, Politics in the Making and Unmaking of a University President

If You Live By the Sword
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  • Lawrence K. Pettit
  • Former IUP President

If You Live by the Sword offers an honest portrayal of the human struggles faced by a university president and it explains how these seldom discussed stresses of the position are intensified by the intrusion of politics. Pettit goes behind the scenes and writes openly about intrigue, betrayal, anxiety, and the contention for power that is faced within the university system. In a career that has mixed academia and politics for over forty years, the author was fired more than once for his politics. And when he ran a gubernatorial campaign, he actually had to fire the candidate's mother. On a more personal level, the author experienced two divorces because of the turbulence of his career, and had to fend off false rumors of sexual impropriety and endure politically inspired audits.

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Improv for Writers: 10 Secrets to Help Novelists and Screenwriters Bypass Writer's Block and Generate Infinite Ideas

  • Jorjeana Marie
  • IUP Alumna & Indiana, PA Native
  • Award-winning voice actress and television writer

Free yourself from writer's block and inner critics with the creative power of improv!

"Jorjeana Marie's generous, joyful, and oh-so-useful book shows writers--both seasoned and new--how to unleash their creativity and find their best story."--Gayle Forman, New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay and I Have Lost My Way

Improv instructor and writer Jorjeana Marie reveals a new way to generate idea after brilliant idea. Applying the rules of improv to fiction writing, Marie presents fun games and exercises you can do from the comfort of your desk at home.

Surprise yourself with new plots, infinite characters and settings, and a supreme confidence in your own process. Armed with the power of improv--and liberating exercises like Ad Agency, Raise the Stakes, and Family Portraits--you'll soon be an idea machine. With Improv for Writers, your creative storytelling well will never run dry again.

Advance praise for Improv for Writers

"Here's a secret. Many authors started out as drama geeks and later found that theatrical skills like deep-diving into character and improvising on the fly were essential tools for writing fiction. Jorjeana Marie's generous, joyful and oh-so useful book applies the principles of improv to writing and though a series of targeted, fun exercises shows writers--both the seasoned and the new--how to unleash their creativity and find their best story."--Gayle Forman, New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay and I Have Lost My Way

"Part practical, part playful, part encouraging and affirming, Jorjeana Marie's Improv for Writers is a certain antidote to writing blocks--and writer's block! This book is a necessary and vital tool for authors and storytellers everywhere."--Karma Brown, bestselling author of The Life Lucy Knew

"Thank you, Jorjeana Marie for infusing joy and play and experimentation in the often-arduous act of writing fiction. I'll be turning to these exercises whenever I need to jump-start my writing session and will be recommending many of my writing students to do the same."--Nina LaCour, Michael L. Printz Award-winning author of We Are Okay, Hold Still, The Disenchantments, and Everything Leads to You; and You Know Me Well, a novel written in collaboration with David Levithan.

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Paintings of Indiana County, Pennsylvania

Paintings of Indiana County, Pennsylvania
  • Ron Donoughe
  • IUP Alumni, Art Education, 1980


Paintings in this richly colorful, hard-cover book are featured in a permanent installation of 80 works, Homage to Indiana County in the Performing Arts Center at IUP.  Scenes on the IUP Campus and throughout Indiana County were painted on site by award winning plein air artist and IUP alumni Ron Donoughe.

Proceeds support the University Museum at IUP.


Revitalizing Readalouds: Interactive Talk About Books With Young Children

Revitalizing Readalouds: Interactive Talk About Books With Young Children
$25.00 - $39.50
  • Lisa Hammett Price, IUP Faculty
  • Barbara A. Bradley

How can educators and other professionals caring for children extend the learning potential of read alouds? This book is designed to help teachers, special education specialists, and speech-language pathologists achieve two objectives: 1) how to interact with children around books in ways that are instructive in nature but also responsive to children's verbal contributions; and 2) how to use literature, informational texts, and poetry to achieve the goals of the Common Core State Standards. The authors provide specific recommendations for structuring read aloud routines in the early childhood classroom, making the read aloud interactive, using instructional strategies that enhance children's vocabulary and content knowledge, and supporting and extending children's verbal contributions through scaffolding during the activity. This practitioner‐friendly text also includes methods for supporting children with special needs, as well as English language learners.

Book Features:

  • Recommendations for how to choose quality books in each of the three genres-- informational, literature, and poetry.
  • The most useful interactive‐instructional strategies.
  • The types of visual supports and props that can augment the read aloud.
  • Methods for extended learning opportunities.
  • Examples and excerpts from actual read alouds to illustrate the methods.
  • Read aloud activities that align with the Common Core State Standards.
  • The benefits and challenges of using digital texts
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    • Leigh Heidenthal
    • IUP Alumni Author

    How do we teach children not to tell a lie?


    Sister Trouble for Ella shows what can happen if you tell a lie and the importance of telling the truth. Bella and Ella face some trouble after not listening.


    The IUP Story: From Normal School to University

    • The IUP Story: From Normal School to University
    • Charles D. Cashdollar, IUP Professor Emeritus '65

    The first IUP history in 30 years—The IUP Story: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, from Normal School to University, by professor emeritus of history Charles Cashdollar ’65.


    Ten years in the making, the book tells the school’s story, from beginning to the present, by focusing on its people and campus life. Prominent themes throughout its more than 400 pages are the school’s commitment to excellence and its resilience—through war, depression, and pandemic. Generously illustrated, this hardcover book is organized in 14 chronological chapters, with an additional chapter on Jane Leonard, who, as a teacher and administrator, was a central figure during the school’s first 45 years.