BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Condition: New

Popular financial calculator for business professionals and students. Ideal for applications in finance, accounting, economics, investments and statistics. Prompted display guides you through financial calculations showing current variable and label. Popular financial calculator for business professionals and students. Ideal for applications in finance, accounting, economics, investments and statistics. Prompted display guides you through financial calculations showing current variable and label. Auto power down feature. Global Product Type: Calculators-Financial; Calculator Type: N/A; Calculator Style: N/A; Power Source(s): Battery.

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TI 30XIIS Scientific Calculator, Solar/Battery

Condition: New

Scientific calculator with equation recall combines statistics and advanced scientific functions. Two-line display shows entries on the top line and results on the bottom line. Entry line on the top of the display shows up to 11 characters and can scroll left and right up to 88. Result line on the bottom shows up to a 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent. Functions include common/natural logarithms, fractions, fraction/decimal conversions, degrees to decimal conversion, reciprocals, factorials, grads, hyperbolics, polar/rectangular conversions. Fraction feature allows operations with fractions and mixed numbers. Two-variable statistics allow you to enter, delete, insert, and edit individual statistical data elements. Calculator runs on solar and battery power.


TI 30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator

Condition: New

Designed with unique features to allow you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen. Enter and view calculations in common Math Notation via the MATHPRINT Mode, including stacked fractions, exponents, exact square roots and more. Quickly view fractions and decimals in alternate forms by using the Toggle Key. Scroll through previous entries and investigate critical patterns as well as viewing and pasting into a new calculation. Explore an x, y table of values for a given function, automatically or by entering specific x values. Power Source(s): Battery;Solar; Display Notation: Numeric.


TI 83 Plus Graphing Calculator

$79.00 - $99.00

Ideal for the algebra classroom. Lets students graph and compare functions, as well as perform data plotting and analysis. Horizontal and vertical split screen options. Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus. Includes tools for finance. I/O port for communication with other TI products.


TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator

$89.00 - $119.00

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator features USB on-the-go technology for file sharing with other calculators and connecting to PCs,handling calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions, 12 apps preloaded, and displays graphs and tables on split screen to trace graph while scrolling through table values. Advanced statistics and regression analysis, graphical analysis, and data analysis are readily accessed, along with features for calculus, engineering, financial, logarithm, trigonometry, and hyperbolic functions--all crucial tools for advanced analysis. With its clear display and fast processing, the calculator incorporates graphing tools for mathematics and science course work, including statistics and finance.


TI 89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

Condition: New

The TI-89 Titanium lets you perform basic math, algebra, calculus, graphs, matrices, and statistical functions and creating animations, graphing 3-D rotations, and plotting contours. Graphing functions include basic function graphing, parametric graphing, polar graphing, sequence graphing, 3-D graphing, and differential-equation graphing. Additionally, the TI-89 Titanium includes symbolic manipulation, constants and measurement units, statistics and data plots, a numeric solver, a text editor, programming capabilities, tables, a split-screen function, variable management, and the ability to link to other calculators or a computer. The TI-89 Titanium's flash technology allows upgrading to future software versions without having to continually invest in new calculators. The 188 KB of RAM, combined with an impressive 2.7 MB of flash memory (three times the memory of the TI-89), are more than sufficient for stored functions, programs, and data, and add welcome speed to go with the TI's reliability. Create custom menus or use the default menu. Another feature is the Program Editor, which gives you the ability to write custom applications. The large LCD is adjustable to your environment and can be viewed clearly under a variety of lighting conditions. The calculator also comes with an input/output port and cable, letting to synch up with other TI-89s or TI-92s, as well as a USB port and cable. An attached, hard slide cover protects the calculator.


TI Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

Condition: New

Developed hand-in-hand with educators worldwide and built on proven educational graphing technology and methods, the Texas Instruments Ti-nspire CAS Graphing Calculator represents the latest development in advanced educational tools. Some this calculator's unique features let you see multiple representations of a problem individually or together on a single screen and the ability to dynamically link representations of a problem to see how changes to one affect other problems. This calculator also lets you grab and move graphed functions in real time to observe relationships and patterns, and the calculator saves work in documents, similar to a computer. Ideal for classroom use, the calculator's press-to-test feature blocks access to certain geometry features not allowed on exams. You can use this TI graphing calculator on the PSAT and SAT college entrance exams and on AP tests.




Graphing calculator with a color display and familiar TI-84 Plus functionality.